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Faculty Members

Our university faculty are experienced in diverse fields of Islamic Education Studies and are committed to providing an enriching online Islamic education experience.


David Solomon Jalajel

PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of the Western Cape, South Africa; M.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of the Western Cape; Higher Specialisations in Arabic Language and in Islamic Law (BA Honours equivalent), Dār al-`Ulūm, Western Cape; Degree in Islamic Law (BA equivalent), Dār al-`Ulūm; Diploma in Arabic, Arabic Language Institute, University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia; BSc in Business Administration, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
Dr Samar Al-Majaideh

Samar Al-Majaideh, Ed.D

Doctorate, Organizational Leadership and Professional Practice, Trevecca Nazarene University; M.A, Organizational Leadership, Trevecca Nazarene University; B.A., Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences, American Open University

Ahmed Khater, PhD

PhD in Islamic Law and Legal Theory, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. M.A in Islamic Law and Legal Theory, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. M.A in Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Minnesota. B.A in Legal Studies, University of California, Berkeley. B.A. in Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University.

Gyasi Mckinzie, M.Th

Masters in Theological Studies, Vanderbilt B.A., Faculty of Dawah and Usool ul Deen, University of Medina

Haroon Baqai, PhD

Doctorate in Management. Masters in Management. B.S. in Computer Science, University of Maryland. Quran Recitation Ijazah with Shaikh Mohammad Haqqan, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.

Justin Parrott, MRes, MSc

Master of Research in Islamic Studies, University of Wales Trinity St David. M.S in Library and Information Science, Kent State University. Arabic and Islamic Studies, Ohio State University. B.A. in Physics, Otterbein University. B.A in English, Otterbain University.

Mir Rizwan Ali, EdD

Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Creighton University. M.A in Curriculum and Instruction, St Xavier University. B.A. in Social Science with minor in Secondary Education, Benedictine University. B.A in Islamic Law (Sharia), Al-Azhar University.

Mohammad Elshinawy, B.A

B.A in English Literature, Brooklyn College, NYC. B.A in Islamic Studies, Mishkah University. Coursework, College of Hadith at the Islamic University of Madinah.

Mohammed Hijab, MTh, MA

PhD student in the Philosophy of Religion. MTh in Applied Theology, University of Oxford. M.A in Islamic Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies. M.A in History and B.A in Politics, Queen Mary University of London.

Muhammad Sa’eed Alrahawan, PhD

PhD in Hadith, Al-Azhar University. M.A in Hadith Sciences, Al-Azhar University,.B.A in Islamic Studies, Faculty of Language and Translation, Al-Azhar University.

Muhammad Salah, PhD

Ph.D in Islamic Studies, Graduate Theological Foundation;B.A. in Sharia, Al-Azhar University; Four Year Diploma, Muslim Arts and Arabic Calligraphy

Muthanna Alkhaldi, PhD

PhD in Quranic Arabic Linguistics, University of Baghdad, M.A Syntax of the Quran, Iraqi Islamic University. B.A in Arabic Language Studies.

Rateb Marai, MA Candidate

M.A Candidate in Jurisprudence, Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia. B.A. in Islamic Law, University of Madinah. A.A in Arabic Linguistics, University of Madinah.